Client: MBT
Product: Building Technology.
Date: 2014
Type: Art Direction, Design


MBT (Modern Building Technologies) a company that specialized in providing building technology solutions in the GCC market. The mission is to come up with a logo and a visual ID.MBT is stood for “Modern Building Technologies”, for that I designed a logo that had a combination of the concept of building and modernity. But these combinations were between object and colors. The figure of the logo depends on a building that reflecting the floor’s meaning and the colors I used are modern colors. The visual ID has designed depending on the same style and concept.

Modern building concept logo.
The idea and the concept of the logo come from the general shape
of the modern building which is most of the time is a skyscraper.
Two photos for a modern building and a skyscraper.

Identity & Colors

The inspiration of the primary colors relies on to be modern, lively and linked to the sky. Energy feeling and vitality through the turquoise color, and creativity through the purple color.

  • Turquoise


  • Purple


  • Dark Gray


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