Client: Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC)
Industry: Petroleum
Agency: Twofour54 (Peaks Cube)


ADNOC had developed a new version of the “ERP” system for their internal usage, and they wanted to promote these new policies and an attitude of working  (100% systematic and 0% papers) for their 3500 employees.
They asked to make some kind of brochures and booklets to be distributed for the employees.
But I did believe that this solution is not the one, and it won’t stimulate or motivate the employee especially the old fashion people (and that was the main target), it is hard to convince them to shift for completely a new generation of working procedure.


The idea is to make an internally advertising campaign.  The company’s offices in all over their branches all over the country will be the media medium.

Solution & Concept

The message that I used was “WORK SMART….PLAY HARD”.
Simply, by working smart, definitely, that will save more time, which you can use for your own things.